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Rodney Lovers Anonymous: The Twelve-Step Program to Getting Your Life Back

Rodney Lovers Anonymous
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All Members , Moderated
Rodney Lovers Anonymous: The Twelve-Step Program to Getting your Life Back
Please, feel free to join us in our program of letting go of our dark female desires of Canadian men and get on with our lives, thereby being able to leave the house at least once a day.

Every week, we will discuss a new step in the re-establishment of a shattered life.

New members will recieve a gift from the moderators: 1 Rodney icon, 1 Rodney banner, 1 short Rodney fanfiction

+When joining, please recite the following, "I, *name here*, am obsessed with Dr. Rodney McKay, PhD." After that, you can post anything else.
+Be kind and listen to what everyone has to say.
+When posting Rodney-centric art (blends, collages, wallpapers), pieces over 400x400 should be placed underneath a cut.
+When posting fanfiction, please state the title, author, rating, summary and any spoilers.

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