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Fic: Applied Physics

Title: Applied Physics
Author: OXBastetXO
Rating: PG
Archive: Please ask first
Status: complete
Category: Humor
Summary: Wet Rodney in hot water…..
Spoilers: none
Sequel/Season: Season One
Authors Note: Blame this on a discussion about Boa vs. Python and certain actor in a t-shirt

I don't own them, Gecko and Scifi does. I'm just borrowing them for while and promise to give them back when I'm done, though I might just keep Rodney for little longer ;-)

* * * * * *

Carson pushed Rodney in front of him.

"Carson! What--what's going on? Why are you--" his question dissolved into a wet sputter as several of the female members of the science team doused him with buckets of water.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" he demanded, looking down at his soaked t-shirt.

The women giggled and Carson shoved Rodney through a door.

He suddenly found himself standing on a balcony that had been converted into a stage. Sheppard and Ford were already standing there just as sopping wet as he was and looking just as bewildered.

"What's--" he started when he spotted Elizabeth standing there giggling. Teyla stood beside her eyes wide in fascination. She nodded and Rodney swore she said something about "wet t-shirts" and "competition."

He stood there flabbergasted. "You have got to be kidding!"

Sheppard started to laugh and Ford got a goofy grin on his face and flexed his muscles.

Rodney rolled his eyes. "Please."

"Come on, McKay, loosen up," Sheppard drawled, starting to flex his own muscles much to the hooting and catcalling of the women.

Rodney sputtered and rubbed his hand over his face. It was starting to dry and was getting itchy now. He struggled to resist the urge to itch his neck.

He saw the women who had doused his with water earlier watching him intently and he started to fidget. Before he knew what was going on, they started chanting his name and wolf whistling.

"Come on, Doctor McKay," Ford urged. "Flex some muscle."

"I don't--" he started and his voice trailed off as a bra hit him along side the head. His face turned cherry red and Sheppard hooted in laughter.

Tentatively, he made a muscle and the women screamed and the whistling intensified. A little more confidently, he started mirroring Sheppard's antics.

He started to smile a little. This was terribly terribly embarrassing, but.....

* * * * *

Sheppard glanced behind him and then nudged Ford and nodded back toward the back of the Puddle Jumper. McKay had dozed off on their way back to the Stargate, a goofy smile pasted on his face.

As they neared the 'gate, Ford whispered, "Should we wake him?"

Sheppard shook his head. "Let him sleep."

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