o rly?

The Jewel and The Regent

HUZZAH! On we go with chapter 2! Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think. I honestly have no idea if this is working for anyone... ^__^;;;

This chapter: Enter princess!John... or... well.. Regent!John... Wouldn't he be edible in Jasmine's clothes? *drools*

Title: The Jewel and the Regent
Pairings: McShep
Rating: T so far... will be NC-17 in later chapters. :D
Chapter 2: There's So Much More
Summary: In which John is irresponsible and runs away from home... Still an SGA version of Disney's Aladdin.
Previous Chapters: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3707373/1/The_Jewel_and_The_Regent

o rly?


So, I started this project a while ago. It's an AU crossover of SGA and Disney's Aladdin. I am the lameness. Here's chapter one:

Title: The Jewel and The Regent
Chapter 1: One Swing Ahead of the Sword
Summary: Rodney has spent his life being persecuted for his work with Ancient devices. He dreams of a better life, but John knows that it isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Pairings: McShep
Rating: We'll say PG for now... it will be NC-17 in later chapters. :D

And if you haven't read it:

*drumroll* And here we go with...

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I, Tipsywitch, am completely obsessed with Rodney Mckay. I truly believe that David Hewlett is one seriously talented actor and cute t'boot. That always helps.

Here endeth the lesson.

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"I, *Diane*, am obsessed with Dr. Rodney McKay, PhD."

I just want to tell you I'm french but I want to try to write in english and try to understand all of your post :)

So, if my english is not perfect, dont reject or ban me!!!

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I, AtheneSolon am obsessed with Rodney McKay. I am a bit of a geek (although I'm the geology/anthropology geek rather than the physics geek) myself so I quite understand his point of view. I'm also a (kind of) McKay/Carter shipper.
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I, nemislenina, am obsessed with Dr. Rodney McKay, PhD.

And although my thoughts constantly wander to McKay while I'm working, causing me to forget what I was doing and make mistakes....I far from consider my obessesion a problem *blinks*
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